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Trypid™ is a cutting edge Hospitality Management & Marketing Company characterized by its innovative, dynamic and highly qualified team of hoteliers. Whether our clients are seeking assistance in the development of new tourism projects, financial or strategic planning, design profit enhancement, hospitality software development, operational reengineering, property management, market repositioning, and sales & marketing solutions, Trypid is there to make the difference!

From concept, product design, development master plans, feasibility studies, infrastructure, logistics, and operations to human resources, upper management reorganization, and sales & marketing planning for large, small hotel operations to short term vacation rentals, we have the resources and networks to provide our customers with assertive solutions and sound professional advice.

Trypid differentiates itself from other hospitality companies in providing custom-designed expertise by local and international hospitality experts in every area of interest.

We combine both operational and product positioning expertise ensuring that results are provided not only at the operational level but with a market mix of customers and alliances with the major tour operators and online travel agencies for maximum occupancy and income levels required to succeed in this competitive market.

In today’s ever-changing and extremely competitive tourism environment, only the most streamlined, up-to-date, customer and quality driven operations will be able to succeed. It is no longer an option to react to market changes; we must spearhead change and stay ahead of it.

Trypid is aware of the challenges and is here to ensure a smooth transition with pro-active solutions.


Property Management - 27 years
Hospitality Sales & Marketing & Product Positioning - 20 years
Master Planning & Feasibility Studies - 17 years
Vacation Rental Management - 15 years
Hospitality Technology Development - 12 years


What differentiates our company, is our “Sui Generis” approach to hospitality.  We believe we don’t have a “magic wand’ to turn any hospitality business into a pot of gold. We conduct a very detailed assessment  of our clients’ business to provide tailor-made strategies for a sustainable  and constant growth.

We know from years of experience in the service industry that surrounding yourself with the best and most professional team in the real key to success in any hospitality venture and we make sure that each division has the best talent of the market.

In this ever changing and technology driven world, we offer, and most of the time develop ourselves, the most advanced tools to ensure not only a seamless but provide our parties with a one stop solution tech support that will enable not only saving costs but customizing the technology to your specific needs.  Every property/hospitality business is different and the technology should adapt to the complexity of each, the same way we embrace any cutting edge advances to create a symbiotic partnership that allows your business to grow.

Jo Kennedy

Founder / Managing Director
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With professional  experts in the every hospitality field is helping from small to large size hotels and hospitality industry companies drive profitable operations through better revenue management decisions, proven reservation technology and innovative marketing. Trypid has helped hotels leverage the web to effectively navigate the complex global distribution landscape.


We provide with Win-Win solutions taking into consideration every aspect of your business, from feasibility studies, environmental impact analysis, taking into consideration the cultural and social component of every destination, our goal is to exceed expectations of sevelopers, staff and guests we work with.


We work only with tangible and measurable solutions, first providing an assessment, then setting a time table with goals and projected results within your organization.


We don’t have a “magic wand”. Our commitment  of service  is to provide you with realistic expectations. We will not promise you “bells and whistles” unless we can’t deliver them.


We understand that every property is unique, and our approach is tailored to meet your specific goals and aspirations.


Increased Revenue

Our on-point market insights and revenue management strategies, will help you optimize pricing, improve occupancy rates, and boost overall revenue for yourproperty.

Expertise and Experience

Our expert consultants gather years of experience and specialized knowledge in the industry. We understand the intricacies of running hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments, which can lead to more efficient and effective operations.

Streamlined Operations

From inventory management to maintenance and housekeeping, we  implement efficient processes that ensure smooth day-to-day operations and maximize productivity.

Marketing and Branding

Our company has a deep understanding of marketing trends and consumer behavior, we develop effective and targeted marketing strategies to promote the properties we manage and strengthen their brand presence.

Industry Network

Being part of the hospitality industry, we have extensive and tight networks with travel agencies, tour operators, event organizers, and other businesses.  Please rest assured that through our network we lead you to partnerships and collaborations that drive more business to the property.